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All you need to know about knife sharpeners

When it comes to making the edge of your kitchen knife sharp, you need a knife sharpener that is not just absolute but one that is right for you. There are a lot of things that you need to consider first before you can buy one and these are really important. They are what will help you decide if that is exactly what you need or not.


These things will also help you get the right knife sharpener for your kitchen and not just anything being sold. So below is all you need to know about kitchen knife sharpeners.

Performance should be good

A knife sharpener that you will love is one that will consistently produce an edge that has n scratches or nicks to it. This consistency is what most knife sharpeners lack and it is what you need to be on the look out for when you are considering of buying a knife sharpener.

Be it an electric knife sharpener or a manual one, the most important thing is consistency in the results that it produces. This will mean that you always have a knife that is sharp at all times without any problems.

An abrasive surface that is also hard

Diamond, as we all know, is the hardest and in effect is the fastest sharpening tool followed closely behind by tungsten carbide as well as polished ceramic. What you need to know about the abrasiveness of a knife sharpener is that the measurement of it is in terms of grit.

Therefore, the higher the number of the grit if that means that the abrasive is fine and the lower is not. An extremely coarse grit would be about 120 while grit of 1000 is something that you should really consider getting.

An angle guide that is adjustable and accurate

Some of the knife sharpeners in the market do not need any practice for you to hold the knife at the right angle while others will require that you do a bit of practice before you can be able to.

For the knives that you use in the kitchen, the two most common blade angles are 15 and 20 respectively and a lot of knife sharpeners do a lot to accommodate this. These two angle blades are extremely common and you need to know that it is what you need for your normal kitchen knife.

Multiple stages of sharpening

A good knife sharpener should have a coarse stage as well as a fine sharpening stage for restoring the edginess in a truly damaged knife and the other for polishing as well as touch ups respectively.

Therefore you need to know that a good knife sharpener should have both of these to ensure that you have the knife that you need in your kitchen.

Safety features

You need a knife sharpener that is easy to use and you never have to worry about it taking some of your fingers or bits of it off. Manual sharpeners actually have a barrier that is between your fingers and the knife as it is sharpening.

Electric sharpeners, on the other hand, have these slots that you insert your hand and the disk or belt inside will guide the knife instead of your hand.

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