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Find out The Best Funny Random Questions You Can Ask Someone?

What type of questions would you like to ask someone? Do you give a thought to a question before asking or simply convey them randomly? For sure, before asking a question you must consider your point and think whether the person will be happy to answer it or not.

There are certain questions which are flirty and funny, but they should not be asked in a manner, that they turn the person off. On many occasions, a random question can easily hurt the feelings of another guy which is completely wrong. When you know the type of questions which you can ask, it will simply save you from the embarrassment.

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People will only like to answer your questions when they like them so just be sure about the question and always ask a good one. Here we have a nice list of random questions which you can simply ask someone with no worries. These questions are funny and will only bring a smile when asked.

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  1. What really makes you so bored? – It is a question which you can ask a girl with whom you want to flirt. Definitely, she will reply instantly and try to go on with the talk.
  2. Do you like eating spicy food? – Food will always remain an important part of our discussion. When you ask someone about food, they will not have any hesitation in sharing out their likes and dislikes.
  3. Do you wake up late or early in the morning? – With this question, you will get knowledge about the routine of a person. I am not sure, you will find the correct answer to this question if the person wakes up too late but still it is a funny random question to ask.
  4. Which is your favorite movie? – Watching movies is a hobby of most of the guys and girls. If you want to initiate a talk with a girl or guy, just ask about the favorite movie. Most of the times, you will find success in initiating the talk with this question.
  5. Do you like eating chocolate? – Without any doubt, this question is mainly for girls. Well, if you want to impress the girl, make sure you gift some chocolates if the answer is big YES.
  6. Which thing do you find the hardest? – Generally, people are not willing to share their lose aspects but still they will make sure the answer to this question is appropriate one.

No matter, what is your true motive behind asking the funny random question but make sure you convey it in the right manner. Funny questions are meant to make someone laugh or impress with your sense of humor.

Always ask a question to girl or guy which is related to them so that they show enough interest and try to provide an interesting answer. Don’t get carried away or become personal while asking funny random questions as they can hit you badly if not applied properly.

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