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Sewing Machine Features Explained

Sewing Machine Features Explained Do you want to buy a sewing machine, you just bought one recently?

Can you understand the manual that came with it? If not, then you need

to go on reading this handy guide that will explain the features of your

sewing machine. It is important for you to know how your sewing

machine works, for this is an indispensable part of sewing. Despite the

arrays of sewing machine available in the market today, there are basic

features that come with each sewing machine. Most beginners are

advised to go for the less expensive mechanical sewing machine;

therefore, the features explained here will be tailored to the type that is

usually found on the mechanical sewing machine models.

So, let’s dive in:

Bobbin – This is a round and metallic device that supports the spool of

thread under the needle. The bobbin is usually slotted into place

underneath the old model of sewing machines like the mechanical

sewing machine. But the newer versions are different as you can now

push aside the top cover of the modern sewing machine and drop the


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The Needle Plate– This is a metallic plate with holes that allow the

needle to pass through when sewing. It helps you when you place the

clothing material you are sewing by creating an accurate distance from

the needle while following a straight line as you sew.

Feed dog – This teeth-like metallic component can be found tucked

underneath the presser foot and the needle and the function of the foot is

to pull the fabric in a straight, forward motion while sewing. Some

sewing machines come without this chain, though.

Presser Foot– This component comes in different forms, and its

functionalso varies. But the role the presser foot plays is to hold the clothing

material flat against the needle plate. The presser foot is usually clipped

or screwed to the sewing machine, which makes it easy to replace.

Foot Pedal– The foot pedal is the part of the sewing machine that is

used to operate the sewing machine. It is gradually phasing out as the

modern sewing machine come equipped with start-stop buttons that for

automated sewing.

Walking Foot– This component works in partnership with the feed dog.

It is a unique type of presser foot and works by keeping the fabric from

moving accidentally out of position, thus making you sew straight


Handle Wheel – The wheel is used whenever you want to move the

needle up or down manually. The handle wheel can be used to sew a

complicated pattern, carefully and slowly, or when sewing extremely

thick clothing material.

Free arm – This is a cylinder-shaped component that assists you when sewing sleeves or pockets.

Take up lever – The take-up lever is employed to uphold the tension of

the thread in the appropriate standard as well as threading the machine.

It is a vital component such that if it is not threaded correctly, the thread

will stop the sewing machine from working by knotting up.

Tension Disc– The tension disc is a combined set of two concave disks fixed such that they are face to face with each other. The thread is made to pass by these discs almost the same time as the tension in the thread is regulated via a spring and nut device.

So, there you are. Being yourself up to speed by identifying these

various components using the manual that came with the sewing


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Benefits of a Humidifier to Babies

Firstly what is a humidifier?

Humidifier: A humidifier is simply defined as a device that helps regulate the amount of water in the air or atmosphere where it is been used.

Benefits: This is simply defined as the advantages or importance derived or gotten from the use of something.

Secondly, who is a baby?

Baby: For the use of this article, a baby is defined as a very young human. And he or she is regarded as a baby from birth until a couple of years or until mastery of walking is learned.

Benefits of a Humidifier to Babies

The benefits of a humidifier to the health of a baby are numerous and I will but outline a few:

1. Reduces Risk Of Infections: For babies and especially inside the house, where most infections breed and easily spread due to dry weather or damp clothes, using a humidifier can helps protects the baby from such infections as it makes sure that there are no such conditions for infection and bacteria to breed.

Find the best humidifier for babies to keep your baby room moistened.

2. Saves Money: A humidifier save you cost. In the sense that money that would have be spent in buying drugs and unnecessary vaccination are saved by the singular act of buying a humidifier.

3. Cases Of Cold Are Reduced: It is a known fact that babies clothes are regularly washed and at times due to rainy weather such clothes may not be properly dried which could result to cold for the baby and expenses for the parents, but with the help of a humidifier such clothes would be properly dried, preventing cold and the problems that comes with it.

4. Vibrant, Glowing and A Good Skin: During winter or in a dry atmosphere, a baby skin which is known to be soft and venerable to extreme conditions could easily be affected leading to cracks, dry skin, bleeding and in extreme cases infections. But with the help of a humidifier, such things could be completely averted or at least minimized to the most possible rate, thereby saving money and ensuring good health.

5. Good Sinuses: A humidifier help clear the nostril and the throat thereby reducing chances of a baby having cough, and in cases where the baby already has cough, it helps loosen the phlegm and secretion in the lungs to enable easy removal.

6. Prevent Allergies: Humidifiers also helps prevent allergies problem such as reaction to dust or smoke, thereby reducing the chances of asthma in a baby. And in cases of already established asthma, it reduces the chances of an attack.

The above mentioned and explain points are some of the benefits of a humidifier for a baby. As such I would recommend that an house that has one baby should have at least one humidifier. Thank you.


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Top Rated Rowing Machines: Are They Really Worth Your Money?

Since the beginning of 2015, new rowing machine models have been released by many fitness equipment companies. Their goal is to provide customers with a wide variety of top rated rowing machines to use and get back their money’s worth. Although this may sound like a good idea, some of the best machines may be too pricey for others. In fact the best ones are rather too expensive for many people. So the question is, are these top rated machines really worth every buck?

best rower

There are many reasons why you should invest in good fitness equipment. One is that they last longer compared to cheap ones. This can save you money from repairs or replacements plus most of the time these machines have longer warranties compared to those you got for a cheap price. Top rated rowing machines often comes with a warranty that can last until five years or more.

They are also especially designed to be durable. Often times they are made from durable materials and can withstand wear and tear. Cheap rowing machines on the other hand often break easily or may be made from plastic or other unreliable materials. If you are practical then investing money in a rowing machine that can last a lifetime may be good for you. That is why you need to consider getting the best in the market if you have the budget for it.

To know the best deals among top rated rowing machines today, here are the top five machines that you can choose from:

1. Concept2 Model D Indoor

This rowing machine is made by a company with great reputation for making fitness equipment. Often times they make ones that are Olympic-standard so you know for sure that the product you from them is reliable. These rowing machines are designed to be comfortable along with padded seats for an even comfortable workout. It has been rated 4.5 stars among users who testified that you can do your most intense workouts on this machine and it will not turn you down. It is designed to be an air resistance type of rowing machine with an extension of 5” for tall users. It is also designed with a monitor that’s pre-loaded with extensive details to help you check your progress. Of course, this kind of machine doesn’t come very cheap but if you want something that’s built to last then this is the machine you should choose no doubt.

2. WaterRower Oxbridge in Cherry with S4 Monitor

Another great type of rowing machine is the WaterRower Oxbridge. This is all-American made which is designed to provide real rowing motion to the user. It is also handcrafted and designed in solid cherry wood making it one of the most attractive rowing machines you have ever seen.

It also works very smoothly with less noise compared to other machines. Plus it has been rated with 5 stars among Amazon.com customers so you know it’s one of the top rated rowing machines in the market.

3. Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

This is one pricey rowing machine but it surely is worth every penny. It comes with steel frames with lifetime warranty so you can be certain that this machine is made with heavy duty steel frames. It is designed with padded seats and handles that are comfortable enough to grip. It comes with a console that will help you monitor your moves.

Not only that, it chooses the best exercise according to the user’s age. So how great is that? No wonder it is one of the best-sellers in the market today.

4. Stamina Avari Programmable Magnetic Exercise Rower

This rowing machine provides the user with smooth and quiet rowing experience. It is made from extruded aluminum beam that are very sturdy and is based on the professional rowing machines used by athletes. The seats are designed with pads so you can stay comfortable even after long workouts.

It is also equipped with twelve workout programs that you can choose and follow plus customized programs for the users who want to monitor their heart rates and performance while exercising.

5. Stamina Air Rower Rowing Machine

If you prefer something that used air resistance then the Stamina Air is the right rowing machine for you. As one of the top rated rowing machines, this company has been working on fitness equipment over the last two decades so you know for certain that the products they make are of quality.

The Stamina Air is made from strong frames made of steel which comes with a three-year warranty. It is also equipped with a monitor panel so you can check you distance, speed, strokes count as well as the burned calories. Plus, this rowing machine is not only one of the top rated but is also one of the most affordable. So if you have a limited budget, check out their rowing machines and you will be glad to know that this one isn’t as pricey as others.

Now that you know the top five best rowing machines in the market, go ahead and pick your choice. I hope that this review helped you in choosing the right investment! Good luck!


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Find out The Best Funny Random Questions You Can Ask Someone?

What type of questions would you like to ask someone? Do you give a thought to a question before asking or simply convey them randomly? For sure, before asking a question you must consider your point and think whether the person will be happy to answer it or not.

There are certain questions which are flirty and funny, but they should not be asked in a manner, that they turn the person off. On many occasions, a random question can easily hurt the feelings of another guy which is completely wrong. When you know the type of questions which you can ask, it will simply save you from the embarrassment.

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People will only like to answer your questions when they like them so just be sure about the question and always ask a good one. Here we have a nice list of random questions which you can simply ask someone with no worries. These questions are funny and will only bring a smile when asked.

dirty things to say to your boyfriend

  1. What really makes you so bored? – It is a question which you can ask a girl with whom you want to flirt. Definitely, she will reply instantly and try to go on with the talk.
  2. Do you like eating spicy food? – Food will always remain an important part of our discussion. When you ask someone about food, they will not have any hesitation in sharing out their likes and dislikes.
  3. Do you wake up late or early in the morning? – With this question, you will get knowledge about the routine of a person. I am not sure, you will find the correct answer to this question if the person wakes up too late but still it is a funny random question to ask.
  4. Which is your favorite movie? – Watching movies is a hobby of most of the guys and girls. If you want to initiate a talk with a girl or guy, just ask about the favorite movie. Most of the times, you will find success in initiating the talk with this question.
  5. Do you like eating chocolate? – Without any doubt, this question is mainly for girls. Well, if you want to impress the girl, make sure you gift some chocolates if the answer is big YES.
  6. Which thing do you find the hardest? – Generally, people are not willing to share their lose aspects but still they will make sure the answer to this question is appropriate one.

No matter, what is your true motive behind asking the funny random question but make sure you convey it in the right manner. Funny questions are meant to make someone laugh or impress with your sense of humor.

Always ask a question to girl or guy which is related to them so that they show enough interest and try to provide an interesting answer. Don’t get carried away or become personal while asking funny random questions as they can hit you badly if not applied properly.

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All you need to know about knife sharpeners

When it comes to making the edge of your kitchen knife sharp, you need a knife sharpener that is not just absolute but one that is right for you. There are a lot of things that you need to consider first before you can buy one and these are really important. They are what will help you decide if that is exactly what you need or not.


These things will also help you get the right knife sharpener for your kitchen and not just anything being sold. So below is all you need to know about kitchen knife sharpeners.

Performance should be good

A knife sharpener that you will love is one that will consistently produce an edge that has n scratches or nicks to it. This consistency is what most knife sharpeners lack and it is what you need to be on the look out for when you are considering of buying a knife sharpener.

Be it an electric knife sharpener or a manual one, the most important thing is consistency in the results that it produces. This will mean that you always have a knife that is sharp at all times without any problems.

An abrasive surface that is also hard

Diamond, as we all know, is the hardest and in effect is the fastest sharpening tool followed closely behind by tungsten carbide as well as polished ceramic. What you need to know about the abrasiveness of a knife sharpener is that the measurement of it is in terms of grit.

Therefore, the higher the number of the grit if that means that the abrasive is fine and the lower is not. An extremely coarse grit would be about 120 while grit of 1000 is something that you should really consider getting.

An angle guide that is adjustable and accurate

Some of the knife sharpeners in the market do not need any practice for you to hold the knife at the right angle while others will require that you do a bit of practice before you can be able to.

For the knives that you use in the kitchen, the two most common blade angles are 15 and 20 respectively and a lot of knife sharpeners do a lot to accommodate this. These two angle blades are extremely common and you need to know that it is what you need for your normal kitchen knife.

Multiple stages of sharpening

A good knife sharpener should have a coarse stage as well as a fine sharpening stage for restoring the edginess in a truly damaged knife and the other for polishing as well as touch ups respectively.

Therefore you need to know that a good knife sharpener should have both of these to ensure that you have the knife that you need in your kitchen.

Safety features

You need a knife sharpener that is easy to use and you never have to worry about it taking some of your fingers or bits of it off. Manual sharpeners actually have a barrier that is between your fingers and the knife as it is sharpening.

Electric sharpeners, on the other hand, have these slots that you insert your hand and the disk or belt inside will guide the knife instead of your hand.

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The Importance of Reading Electric Smoker Reviews and Why You Should Read it Often

Truth is, a lot of people don’t pay attention to product reviews. There might be some people who take time to read these reviews but how many are there? Now if you are someone who don’t care about reviews then it’s time that you do especially when you are planning to buy an electric smoker.

So what’s the big deal about reading electric smoker reviews anyway? Why should you care? You should especially if you are investing money in it. Here are the top three reasons why you should start reading product reviews and do it as much as you can.

electric smoker reviews

One of the main reasons why you should read electric smoker reviews is that, this will give you an insight on what the smoker is all about. Sure a certain electric smoker may look good on the outside but does it look as good on the inside too? Reading reviews will teach you about the features to expect in an electric smoker. It will also give you details on how this certain smoker was made. It will give the specifics of an electric smoker in short.

Another reason to read these reviews is that it will give you an idea about how it works. Some product reviews may include testimonies from other users. Their statement can tell you if it works as expected which will later on give you an idea about how the smoker works. Lastly, reading this smoker reviews will also tell you about the pros and cons of an electric smoker.

It will show you the advantages and disadvantages of the smoker you like so you can weigh in your options. This will teach you to be a better shopping in the long run.

So you see, electric smoker reviews play an important role to buyers. That is why you should pay more attention to them. Read them and you will become a wise shopper as time goes besides, it doesn’t hurt to read a few, right?

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